The year 2016 experienced a disquieting numbers of natural disasters, refugee crises, political unrest, terror attacks and millions of people across the globe faced disastrous existences.

With the thought of humanity on my mind, I created this series to explore the actions that humans choose which can either enhance or destroy their environment.

Humanity – the essential element or essence of being human is more than what one does. To be human means to move, to create, to love, and to share. It’s who we are, and who we are able to be together with. It is about celebrating the act of living, and bringing value to all across the globe.

As humans we are the only ones that engage in storytelling, and have the ability to share the lives and adventures of others. Because people matter… all of them…. the weird ones, the poor ones, the different ones, the enthusiastic ones, the quiet ones…

Using symmetrical, asymmetrical strokes and dramatic colours, throughout this series, Nanda has touched upon deep emotions through the complete chaos around humanity itself.

The works created in this series include.: ‘Humanity in Entirety’, ‘Wake up and Smell The Roses’, ‘Bloom where you are planted’, ‘Blossom I & II’, “There is Gold In there Somewhere” I & II

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