I am truly a Third culture kid (TCK) and as such have lived in 16 different cities across four continents. . Each city brings with them a new community, a new culture, a new challenge, and a new phase in my life. I learnt that being part of my local community and giving back will always be important and will be an integral part of my life, hence this special chapter, a dedicated area focusing on the ‘Art Of Giving’.

I have worked with NGOs, Charities, and other not for profit sectors since 2005 in the UK, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Dubai & India. A list of selected projects that I have created and worked on highlighted below.

In the future I will be focusing on giving back to Gen Z & the Neuro Divergent Community – our future generation. In the past:

2020 – 2021

I was appointed by Mayor Pascal, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) as an Ambassador for local community schools, to promote art and the importance of art and opportunities it brings in the future.

The vision of Mayor Pascal was for the people of RBKC to have art infused into their daily lives. As ambassador, my role was to build awareness about art to parents, teachers. alumni and all stakeholders who provide education and shape the minds of the younger generation. The focus was to recognise art as being a bigger part of the education system and to give the young people of the borough an additional tool to speak their minds and express themselves openly through creativity .

2020 – Ongoing

Gallery NK – Founder

I created Gallery NK in 2020 to set up programmes “for artists and writers in residency” for Generation Z with a focus on the neuro divergent community. This is my giving segment where I have decided to focus on in the future.

The vision is to set up a DAO where we can continue this programme on Web3 platforms. We have identified volunteers, artists, photographers, curators, mentors to deliver this programme. It will be split into 7 continents and the residency programme will be delivered online. The first three continents we are aiming to set this up in is Europe, Asia and ME/Africa.


Trustee for The Great Indian Literature Fest (TGILF)

The Great Indian Literary Festival is India’s only Regional Literature Festival that celebrates the true literature of India, regional literature. It provides a platform to revive the glorious legacy of Indian literature by providing a platform to discuss, debate and collaborate. This unique platform aims at accentuating the role of literature in imbibing Nationalism, making India a stronger nation. Committed to the cause of Regional Literature, not only in India but overseas too, TGILF has initiated dialogues with various countries. It plans to provide a robust platform for writers and poets of the world to collaborate and create.

After all, Lit is In.


FAWCO (Foundation of American Women’s Organisation) AWC Mumbai Chapter.

VP, Charity

Working with over 100 NGOs and helping them grow their products and brand awareness within the community.

Head of Charity Mela

An event organized once a year split 50/50 between the NGOs and the local businesses in partnership with the business communities like Goldman Sachs, PWC, Isharya, Burger King, Pantaloons and the NGO’s selected participating were The School for the Blind, Shanti, WSD, Helping Hands, JaiVakeel and more.


Trustee Kids Company UK, Marketing & Fundraising
Focusing on keeping kids safe from knife crime, drug abuse, kids in need, child abuse based within inner boroughs of London.

Paintings Donated To Raise Funds for Multiple Causes Over the years

Donated Civicism Painting to Royal Borough of Kensingotn & Chelsea (RBKC) for the Chelsea and Westminster Hosptial & CW+ Trust 2021
Mayor Will Pascal, signing the Charter for the civicism concept for the painting – a concept to create a large art community and the concept of give and receive – a patnership in the RBKC community 2021
Donated 5. Partings from the series “Organised Chaos’ based on the largest slum area in Asia in Mumbai Called Dharavi To AWC Mumbai Raising Funds for the Girl Child, 2016
Donated To AWC Mumbai 2016
Donated To AWC Mumbai 2016
Donated To AWC Mumbai 2016
Donated To AWC Mumbai 2016
Donated To Mumbai Connexions – Raising Funds for Rescuing Sex Workers from the streets 2018
Painted the Car Bonnet for BMW Cars 2017 Mumbai to raise funds and awareness for the girl child. 2017
Painted the Car Door for BMW Cars 2017 Mumbai to raise funds and awareness for the girl child 2017
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