The Golden Five

Is it some stroke of luck, utter coincidence or maybe some well thought design that makes the number ‘five’ rule our lives? From the essence of nature—earth, water, fire, wind and ether, to our five faculties that aggregates a mortal, number five is the pivot of our existence.

According ‘five’ the same importance, the multifaceted, enormously talented painter, Nanda Khiara, draws inspiration from the omnipotence of number five. She delves deeper and emerges with flourish of her brush, giving to us her latest collection, ‘THE GOLDEN FIVE’ Using the regal Golden colour, she uses five to express the fusion of senses and human, emerging from a point of convergence and expanding, reaching out to its ultimate manifestation. The circular canvases depict the persona and aura of the golden five it all its splendor. The enigmatic hint, the seductive flourish and the cerebral engagement is visible in her deft expressions. Come, take a close look, maybe they want to integrate with the ‘five’ in you. 

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