Nanda Khiara is a multi-dimensional artist, who lives and works in London. Originally from Kuwait, Khiara was educated in the UK and then lived in Hong Kong and India before returning back to London.

She frequently expresses herself in oversized canvases, which are imbued by her ingrained and intuitive understanding of change and evolution, themes which drew her to a study of Da Vinci’s seminal works and philosophy on urban cities – the series is titled ‘A Legacy Misconstrued’. Khiara creates art to bring to the fore her Passion for Life. Her paintings are a poetry of warm and vivid, profound and complex, lyrical and romantic, and even dark and mystifying, depicting a deep sense of herself. Just when you label her genre and style, she surprises you with yet another form. Bold, uninhibited, and expressive Khiara has maintained a unifying thread through her diverse oeuvre, with an aura of mysticism and ever-evolving concepts.  Akin to generous and vibrant colours, she conjures bold compositions with subtle style and meaning. Khiara creates unique mediums to narrate poignant stories that accentuate her storytelling. Her artworks are a representation of her living experiences in Asia, Middle East, and Europe,

Khiara’s work have been exhibited in London, Florence, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Amsterdam, Dubai and New York and has also been featured in contemporary art literature. Most significantly, she was selected for both the Florence Biennale 2019, and the London Art Biennale 2021.

Khiara enjoys writing periodic columns in the media about painting and methodology. When not in her studio, Khiara is a mother to two very talented teenage girls and they have a home filled with art and music. Her works have been featured in three coffee table books. My passion is the “art of Giving” as well and I have worked with various charities supporting projects. For mental health, girl child and more. 

In 2022, Nanda will be launching her first digital NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) on three platforms, Foundation App, Known Origin and Nifty Gateway.  Her first digital series “A Beautiful Mind” will be launching on the 21/03/2022.  Khiara is also part of the Unit Art Dao Token, focusing on Art within block chain and the impact on the art market as a whole in the space. Khiara has recently joined NFTs For Freedom on the core team. The first series of documentary  created by singer and writer Steve Ryan will be launching in spring of 2022.

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