Organized Chaos

Nanda’s imagination captures the recycling of all the waste, deposited in the Dharavi Slum Area. The colors of the garbage that was deposited in Dharavi ranged from plastics, papers, clothes, metal debris, junk, metals, scrapping, to name a few…

The works created in this series are heavy impasto-style paintings with deep layers. The colors depict the garbage organized into different segments ready for recycling yet there is a structure. There are lines and forms in the way they are sorted and divided – Chaos through the organization. This series was created in 2016 for a charity fundraiser for the “girl child” in Mumbai. Any paintings commissioned or ordered in this series will be for benefitting the girl child.

This series was created in 2016 and all the paintings were donated to the “girl child’ project in Mumbai. My Art of giving is inspired by communities in different cities where I have lived, worked, studied, and or raised my two daughters. I was Inspired by Dharavi Asia’s largest slum for this series. The colors and the art I used for creating were inspired by my visit to the recycling project in Dharavi. It’s has evolved into a $1billion circular economy. It priorities education for the community. Dharavi is known as Mumbai’s slum area and also the largest slum in Asia. Situated in the heart of Mumbai, between 750,000 to a million people (although the actual number is unknown) are squeezed within just a little over 500 acres of 2.1km2. Which makes its population density approximately 277,136/km2 and one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Dharavi I is also the location for the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

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