We as humans have almost 50,000 thoughts crossing through our minds every day, which is roughly 35 to 48 thoughts per minute. Some of these thoughts are more powerful and strong whereas others are random and nonsensical. I created this series to capture moments, which would have otherwise been Lost in a Gazillion Contemplation.

The paintings in the series here have been inspired from my mind combined with influences from nature, museums, galleries, famous artists, cafes and my walks, to name a few. Often I have a vision and can’t create it immediately – by the time I go back to visit the particular thought, the memory has either faded or the moment is lost. At other times whilst working on a particular series, I have a strong urge to create a new canvas with the thought that has popped up. Having experienced this repeatedly, I started creating the thought series in 2016… On the styles of these paintings, you will find them rich and varied… The depth of the colours here are a combination of lustrous, shadowy, radiant, glossy, and saturated. Some pieces give a sense of smell, for example when you look at the waves, whereas others give you a touch of reality. “A collection of 12 x 12 inch paintings on canvases – my mind book”

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