Magnificent Royals

Literature in colour Nanda Khiara was invited to create a series for the Great Indian Lit Fest, held at Udaipur, Rajasthan. The event was created to discuss the impact of bringing regional literature to fore and real gems of literatures. A private, invite-only event, it was held at The Great Marigold Hotel.

Nanda has captured the stories in literature that have been floating through generations of the Indian royalty. Nanda has created six unique paintings to capture the particular literature and art moments. The paintings depict jali (latticed screen) on all the six. Every painting has seven to eight layers that shows multiple stories behind the jalis. In addition to that, Nanda has also shown the traditional arches, an inherent part of Indian heritage. Through these arches one can also see temples, lotus ponds, dances, and so on.

With ‘The Magnificent Royals’, Nanda aims to bring to the fore – the hidden stories of Rajasthan that have been lost in translation. The hidden gems of Indian literature. The scintillating colours and the texture of paintings bespeak the essence of TGILF.

The event saw supporters from pan-India. People from Ahmedabad, Rajasthan, Gurgaon, Agra, and other places gathered to vouch for regional literature.

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