Eye / I (Plural)

Eyes speak without words. I (plural) see and reflect the world. This series of I/Eye’s symbolizes the imminent future of the dreamer, passing from one medium through another

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Well, depends on the perspective of the person looking at the glass. With static world, humming with activity, it is our perception that pronounces the result on it. No wonder, the same event, the same sight evokes such diverse reactions and views. It is this difference of the viewpoint leading to a difference in perception and opinion that has been the foundation of society, politics, and democracies. Diverse opinions are a sign of a healthy society as it keeps the cerebral activity alive. In her series titled “Eye” Nanda Khiara treads the tricky path—of painting what she sees but through different eyes. This series with five paintings, Peeping Through The Kaleidoscope, The Dramatic Eye, The Aquarium Eye, Communication Through A Single Glance and Dreamy Eye, Nanda deftly reveals her skill with her accomplished strokes.

While “Peeping through the kaleidoscope” looks out of a narrow tunnel into endless possibilities “Communication through a single glance” captures the plight of restricted view yet unrestricted communication. These poignant canvases compel breeding of diverse views. And yes, some would even notice and debate her liberal use of the color red across the five canvases.

But then this is what the series intends to do—generating diverse views thorough different eye.

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