gallerygroup_new.php NANDA KHIARA - Art Painting

Transitions exist in nature, beautiful and violent. Ends make way for new beginnings; destruction yields regeneration; life necessarily transitions t deat; and out of seemingly noting, springs fort majestic life. This series represents the transitions that exist is nature, seasonal and universal.

“Driven by the joy of experiencing what is new, nature sheds the old like snake skin.”

Profound indeed! With these words echoing in our minds if we look around, we realize that everything changes —seasons to culture, people to emotions. After all, how boring the world would have been if people, civilizations, seasons and emotions had been the same? With change being the only constant undoubtedly it affects energies to. From the smallest transaction in terms of action and reaction to the sublime Yin and Yan, this volatile paradigm operates on a reciprocal basis. Love breeds love and hate gets more of it.

In this series Energy/ Transitions, which is her largest collection with nine, varied canvases, Nanda Khiara exhorts us to shed the old for new and take control of our energies as it gets us the same.