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Size: 6ft x 1.5 ft / 72 x 18 inches / 183 x 76 cm



The by Nanda Khiara here explores the misconstrued Vinci’s legacy on the ideal City - his idea to create a holistic, plague free, pollution free city designs and ideas have today resulted in us building cities with beautiful but not necessarily the ideal city, hence defeating the original purpose of his plan.... The series’ title A Misconstrued Legacy has seven paintings: Ocean; Energy; Fauna; Passion; Galaxy; Spirituality; and Essene. Each painting explores the way our world is affected by global ecosystem disasters. Vinci’s arches on the left side as time has progressed, the architecture of the cities has become higher. We have today cities designed in all of abstract shapes, sizes, and the creation of the skyline is driven by corporate interests rather than a universal global image of what is needed for the future generation... Vinci designed for urban cities thoughts were to get rid of and create cleaner eco-friendly cities., whereas today we have pollution ridden cities, with global warming... ... , we have misconstrued The Masters Own Legacy....