bio.php NANDA KHIARA - Art Painting

“If your mind can conceive it, you can create it”

Contemporary British Indian artist Nanda Khiara, inspired by great masters such as Gerhard Richter, Turner, Gauguin, Monet, S. H. Reza to name a few. Nanda creates art to bring to the fore her Passion for Life. Her paintings are a poetry of warm and vivid, profound and complex, lyrical and romantic, and even dark and mystifying, depicting a deep sense of herself.

Nanda was born and brought up in Kuwait, moved to London to pursue her education in the creative space. She is an international expatriate with rich cultural and social exposure. The cultural and social ethos comes alive in her \'Perspective\' and ‘Time Travel’ series. Her love for sublimity reflects in the choice of large canvases, she so frequently uses. Nanda\'s artwork is a beautiful translation of her tryst with the cultures of Asia, Middle East, Far East and Europe. Her canvases, opens up new horizons for the onlookers. Her series titled ‘Eye / I (plural)’ is her distinct perspective towards life.

Currently she lives and works from Mumbai. With a Bachelor\'s Degree in Interior Design from American College in London, followed by an MBA from the University of Westminster, Nanda chose a career in interior design, treaded on the heels of marketing.

During the core course of her undergraduate studies, Nanda was first enlightened about her hidden forte in the field of fine art. Her color theory professor, noticing her talent, encouraged Nanda to pursue fine arts. Following his advice, she opted for an Associate Degree in Applied Arts followed by a Bachelor’s in Interior Design. It was after moving to Mumbai that Nanda pursued her passion. She abdicated the pinstripe suit to explore the kaleidoscopic realm.

Working eminently in acrylics, Nanda creates abstract works. Just when you label her genre and style, she surprises you with yet another form. Bold, uninhibited, and expressive Nanda has managed to maintain a unifying thread through her diverse oeuvre, with an aura of mysticism and ever-evolving concepts.

Akin to generous and vibrant colors, she conjures bold compositions with subtle style and meaning. Nanda creates unique mediums to narrate poignant stories that accentuate her storytelling. Her artworks are a representation of her living experiences in Asia, Middle East, and Europe.

Nanda’s work was published in a coffee table book “Never Alone, Always Lonely”, launched at the Delhi Poetry Festival in December, 2015. The book was a collection of works from international and national artists and photographers. Six of Nanda’s paintings were featured.

Nanda also writes for G2 – Glory & Glamour, magazine covering art and cultural sections. Two of her articles ‘Beneath the Blue’ and ‘Abstract ‘O’ Meter’ have been published.

Nanda is also a board member for TGILF, an NGO, where she is responsible for art curation, camps and auctions to raise funds for promoting regional literature in India, Europe, and Africa.


I am fascinated by the mind. The mind is the biggest source of my creation. The mind can conceive, can perceive; can hold the power of idealism, dualism, thinking, feeling, creation, imagination, recognition and so on.

I am an ideal idealist and as such in my mind the world is a magical place filled with kindness, hope & beauty. My attitude visualizes the best in people and I have a lighter perspective on life. I truly believe through compassion, communication and understanding the world can be a better place. I visualize the world in colors rather than a black and white perspective. I’ve had a culturally rich upbringing; being exposed to different cultures, values, & belief systems. I appreciate beauty in the differences - whilst still noticing symbolic meanings hidden in everyday scenarios and light around us even when most can’t see.

My work is inspired by three to four factors. The biggest influence is a perpetual mind map that I carry with me. Nature is my second source of inspiration – I love walking; I love being in a natural environment. I take pictures as I go along, come back to my studio and work on it. I create a story, a concept around it. History is where I get my next inspiration – I follow a lot of artists. I love the work of Picasso, Paul Gaughan. I also follow Gerhard Richter and I love the styles and stories he creates and I love the grandness of his canvases. A quote that comes to my mind is “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” by Soren Kierkegaard. Last but not the least I also meditate. I see things simpler and clearer in my mind and I also see a lot of colors as I am going along.

My style of work is quite varied and mixed. I use all the traditional tools like brushes, palette knives and in addition to that, I create my own tool. I can also be called a ‘junk lady’. I could pick up from the streets or in the house. It could be twigs, a bunch of leaves, empty containers. I combine them with my traditional tools to create my own tools. That’s my style.