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Art Of Giving

Nanda Khiara believes in the “Art of Giving”. Nanda says, “the art of giving is something close to my heart – life starts with giving so that one can receive. She has been a social activist since 1998 working with various charities both in the UK & India. Nanda has worked as a trustee and as a board member. Nanda was VP Charity & Mela Chair for AWC Mumbai & a trustee for Kids co UK.

Nanda advocates a pro feminism stand and is considered as a brand ambassador for Women & Children causes.

Through her art, Nanda continues to advance the “Art of Giving” by raising funds for both kids & women causes. Till date, Nanda has donated paintings, funds and her personal time to support these causes across the globe.

Last year, Nanda joined as a Board Member for TGILF – The Great India Literary Fest. TGILF is a trust set up to support national and regional literature pan India. Nanda’s role at TGILF, encompass all areas for Art. Nanda will be working on Curating Art Shows, Art Auctions, & Art Camps for TGILF.

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